World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy
XXVI Congress: Member and Associated Organization Summary Report

The following is a questionnaire for Member and Associated Organizations of the World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy. We ask that you provide brief summaries that consider that scope of the past five years when answering the following questions:

1) What have been your organization’s main activities from 2007-2012?

With the realization that the present social economic and political order are of exploitative nature and do not conform to the principles of equality and justice: do not provide equal opportunities: do not take care of primary health care: clean and safe environment and earths resources for the benefit of mankind at the local. Regional and global level, the AYC commits itself

The following are the varied activities have been carried out by the respective AYC Chapters depending on the need and viability

  • Street children’s empowerment and rehabilitation
  • Provided potable drinking water in the slums
  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS especially among the vulnerable communities
  • Earth Quake relief operations in Pakistan
  • Tsunami & Earth Quake relief operations in Japan
  • Environment protection and a forestation
  • Providing health care, education, recreation for those children living in difficult circumstances
  • Celebrated AYCs 25 years in 2009 at Khatmandu – Nepal
  • Involvement of Government Officials and political leaders as part of advocacy
  • A new AYC chapter has been operationalise in Indonesia & one more new chapter in Bhutan is in the pipeline for ratification during General Assembly in Srilanka in May 2013.

2) What have been your organization’s main priorities from 2007-2012?

  • To work towards bringing global consciousness among the citizens of the world with the ultimate aim of achieving world federation.
  • To promote regional redemption of youth, development and peace groups to support the world federation and to assist inter governmental efforts in regional cooperation.
  • To attempt in building a new society based on equality, justice and freedom, keeping the situation of the world in view: action plans are chalked out to bring awareness to the world community, particularly to those in Asia to face the reality of oppression due to poverty and exploitation.
  • To support youth, peace and development oriented non-governmental organizations and forums to act as pressure groups in creating a new international economic order. To endeavor to play a role as centre of dissemination of simple global information to those groups unable to have accessibility.
  • To organize meetings, exchanges and other programmes of solidarity to promote democratic participation of young people in the society to promote voluntarism wherever possible and provide feeling of regional and global solidarity.


3) What are the challenges that you organization is likely to face in the future?

One of the major challenges is identifying like minded youth organisations in ASEAN Countries for scaling up new AYC Chapters.

To bring in focused common issue base strategy for all the AYC Chapters


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