AYC Thailand
Activities Report 2014

AYC Thailand Help Tsunami Victims

After people got affected disastrously by Tsunami tow years ago people living in villages had to face severe problems.

AYC Thailand carried out projects to muster money, clothes and other materials that were required for the Tsunami victims in south Thailand.  The day, members of AYC Thailand went to the affected areas there were many people to receive the materials that were taken.  This project helped Tsunami victims to get back to their normal life and begin a better life all over again.  The project taught the members of AYC Thailand to help the people who face hardships due to some natural calamity.

AYC Member Camping Project

Asian Youth Centre-Thailand gathered members to join a camp project for encouraging the virtue of youth and share good experience.  The participating youth members were taught to be good leaders besides having many entertaining activities together. The programme was held for 3 days and 2 nights.  In all 87 youth members participated in the event.

AYC Thailand members Meeting with an organization of the Thai Government

AYC Thailand committee members had a meeting with an organization of Thai government on the topic of power of the new generation in Thailand for tow days.  In these metings 255 youth from different organization participated.

Blood Donation Project

AYC-Thailand carried out a blood donation project to help people by donating blood to the Kachat Thai Centre which is very famous in Thailand.  This project was held immediately after tsunami as several injured people needed blood.

Blood donation projects were also carried out at the time of the New Year as there are usually many accidents during this time for which there is a shortage of blood.



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