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Activities Report 2014

We are glad to report the following activities accomplished during the period under review. They were done to empower the youth and get their active participation in social, economic and good governance creating a force that would help the poverty stricken marginalized people as the main objective of Asian Youth Center.

01. Self employment opportunity for a family reduced to abject poverty

Ms K.P.Kusumalatha and the three school going children of Udathalwinna in the Kandy district became destitute due to the untimely loss of the breadwinner.  When this unfortunate situation was brought to our notice by the AYC of Kandy Branch it was possible to buy a sewing machine as a self employment project as they were good at sewing. Ms Kusumalatha has been able to establish a sound clientele and earn sufficient to keep the home fires burning and helping to educate the children.

02. Two year Tsunami spiritual empowerment programme

At the second anniversary after the Tsunami, the whole day was devoted for religious activities to confer merit on those who lost their lives. These spiritual activities helped them to bring about mental stability and solace to those grief stricken families. Our members had been engaged in these activities since the Tsunami.

03. Vishwa Sama samadhiya.

On the October 2006 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Gandhi Ji the Apostle of Peace, Sarvodaya Movement organized a peace meditation programme in the Mahamewuna Park in the sacred city of Anuradhapura with participation of hundred thousands of local and foreign delegate’s participation. AYC was very actively engaged in organizing the programme.

04. Inter-religious Youth Camp at Anuradhapura

Sarvodaya Shantisena organized a interfaith Youth camp from the 16th to the 19th of November 2006 for the promotion of sustainable peace at Thirappane in the Anuradhapura district. Nearly 250 AYC members including students of Mannar, Puttalam and Colombo University belonging to all ethnic and religious denominations took part in this programme. There were dialogues, Cultural and sports activities and shramadana activities.

05. Relief programmes for displaced people

During the unofficial war that errupted in the East People came to Kanthale as refugees. They had to be accommodated in tents in six camps. Their needs had to be looked in to. AYC members had to collect immediate relief supplies and distribute them with the help of many other organizations. Our members were able to collect 200 mats and Rs. 200,000 worth of milk foods. 

The most unfortunate and brutal bomb blast caused by LTTE occurred in Central Sri Lanka on the 15th of June.  Below is a new item of that incident with few photos.  As active members of Asian Youth Centre.  AYC-Sri Lanka helped people who lost their family members in an unexpected way.  The civilian population of the said area moved to a safe camp due to security threat.  So they needed clothes, food and other items for living a normal life.  After this news was heard from the regional members, AYC Sri Lanka decided to donate some mats and send them to the victims through the members present close to the region

As an accountable youth movement, AYC-Sri Lanka had to help people in this moment of crisis, and the members believe that their obligation to the victims as a youth movement was fulfilled to some extent.

Report from a local newspaper

Wanni Tigers terrorist attack seeks 63 dead including 15 children [16th June 2006-03:3:00S.L.T]

Sixty three people have been killed in the claymore bomb attack Wanni Tiger terrorists targeted on a civilian passenger bus at Kebithigollewa yesterday (14).  Among the dead are fifteen children and a Buddhist monk. More than 100 passengers including a group of people who were on their way to a funeral of a Home Guard murdered by Tiger terrorists and a group of children and parents who were on their way to the children’s clinic in Kebithigollewa Hospital were in the bus.  The Army says that as the security forces do not use this road, the bomb must have been deliberately targeted at this passenger bus.

The Army points out that two claymore bombs have exploded simultaneously each weighing 15kg and 20kg respectively.


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