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Activities Report 2014

October 2005 was something terrible for Pakistan with an earthquake measuring 7,6 on the Richter scale causing havoc and devastation.  The Northern Part of Pakistan mainly North West frontier province. (N.W.F.P) and Azad Kashmir was severely hit leaving a few thousands of people injured & dead, millions of peoples homeless.  The whole nation was in a state of shock.  Infra structure, roads and communications broke down.  To meet the challenge of providing food, shelter, clothing, medication and tents to the affected people relief poured in from various countries and organization.  Support & relief were provided by UNHCE, UNICEF, OXFAM, Action Aid Japan, etc.  The Govt of Pakistan also contributed billions of rupees for helping the needy people.

AYC-KCI, Japan was generous enough to support a small group of affected families with a contribution of US$1800.  AYC Pakistan used this contribution to support 50 earthquake affected families by providing each US$36 (Pakistan Rupees 2160/-) so that they could buy food for their families, till they revived from their shock.  People in these earthquake affected areas are still in a state of trauma.  The people of Balakot, Muzaffarabad, Bagh, Garihabibullah,

Rawalakot and Kaghan had to face maximum disaster effects, wherein their sorrow and pain can never be explained in words and this irrepairable loss will be remembered by them as long as they live.

The residents of these areas need a lot of attention, like providing them clean drinking water, housing because still today many of them are shelter less as the tents set up for their rehabilitation is not the final solution.   Tree plantation drive is required in a big way in order to avoid further landslides and floods which could be very dangerous as most of the mountain had very severe landslides.

AYC Pakistan appreciates the donations (US$1800) made by Asian Youth Centre, Japan for the timely help for the earthquake affected people of Pakistan.



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