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Activities Report 2014

Since 1984, Asian Youth Centre, Kolkata has been concentrating on the problems of children youth, women, the aged and the physically challenged.  Besides different project carried out in the past AYC now has programmes on environmental pollution.awareness against Hepatitis A&B. Thalassaemia and AIDS.

Projects on environment:
  1. Creating awareness in the society on dangers of pollution done through organizing seminars, workshops in school/colleges and with like-minded organizations.
  2. Organize and participate in street campaign walks so that direct connections made with the common man to safeguard against environmental pollution.
  3. A programme is taken by AYC Kolkata, with the schools whereby children are taught to protect their micro-environment so that they grow up with knowledge of the benefits of a clean environment.

Project: Safe drinking water for the rural people:

As part of our on going activity to provide safe drinking water to the rural population, AYC Kolkata during this period took the initiative of sinking a tube well in a village in the area of Domjur in Howrah.  The Rural Development Project I of AYC Kolkata is operating in the area of Domjur for the last few years.  The sinking of the latest tube well for safe drinking water was done in collaboration with the Gram Panchayat (local self governance of the area) along with contributions made by some kind hearted individuals of the area.

Since AYC Kolkata started work in Domjur, Howrah and adopted the area as its “Rural Development Project I” in all six tube well have been sunk over the last two years.  Out of the six tube wells sunk in the area two were done with the entire financing made by AYC Kolkata while the other four were joint efforts, a part of the sinking and machine cost made by AYC Kolkata while the other part being funded by the panchyat at (local self governance of the area) or some like minded social organization.

In the month of February when EC members Secretary General Mr.Sukumar David and Mr. Abraham Pradeep Kumar were in Kolkata enroute to Dhaka to attend the 7th EC meeting, they were taken to the “Rural Development Project I” at Domjur, Howrah.  The two were accompanied by Ms.Rajalakshmi from AYC Mumbai, Dr. Sourav Das, President AYC Kolkata and Mr. Krishenedu Nandy, Secretary AYC Kolkata.  From the local area Mr. Tarit Deb, Secretary of Domjur Seva Samity and the Pradhan (Chief) of Parbatipur Gram Panchyat were also present. Mr.Sukumar David visited the various sides where the tube wells for safe drinking water has been sunk and spoke to the locals on how they have benefited from such projects.

Project: Constructions of Toilets in Parbatipur Gram Panchayat:

The Parbatipur Gram Panchyat (Local self governance) received a grant from the Govt. of India under the “Health and Hygiene Scheme” of the government for the construction of toilets in the villages under its jurisdiction.  However the grant received happened to be slightly short of the budget they had prepared to provide toilets to all the villages under them and reconstruct and repair a few of the existing ones.  Hence they approached several social organizations for financial help in order that they could go ahead with the entire project.  A request from the Pradhan (Chief) of the Parbatipur Gram Panchyat was made to the President of AYC Kolkata in this regard.  AYC Kolkata decided to finance the constructions of 20 toilets of the area.  This project was also visited by Mr. Sukumar David, Secretary General AYC and others.  The visiting team even went to the office of the Paratipur Gram Panchyat (Local self governance) and spoke to the Pradhan (Chief), who latter accompanied the team to the project sites.

Project: Support Education:

Like previous years AYC Kolkata supports the education of children of needy families in the villages under the Domjur Project and the (K-M) project in the following ways:

  1. By providing text books to students of families whose parents are not in a position to buy them text books.
  2. By supporting a few schools providing primary education to children in these villages.  Support depends on the requirement of the concerned school.
  3. Scholarships are given to meritorious students.

AYC Kolkata sponsored the annual prize distribution ceremony of a primary school in the “Rural Development Project I” at Domjur, Howrah.  The programme was held on 29the April 06 at the premises of the primary school.

At the other “Rural Development Project” started by AYC Kolkata in the region of Khanyan in Hooghly a “Free Rural Health Check up camp with special emphasis on Eye, Blood Group Detection and cardiac problems” was held at Taragun, Magra, Hooghly, on 19the March 2006.  The camp was done in collaboration with Pragati Sangha.  Taragun, Hooghly,.  About 250 patients were checked at the camp for eye problems.  Blood group detection was carried out for 66 people. About 120 people were treated for cardiac problems of which 66 were diagnosed with ECG.  5 doctors and Para-medical staff attended.  Regarding eye problems AYC Kolkata would like to acknowledge the participation of “Eye Pavilion” of Little Russell Street, Kolkata.



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