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Activities Report 2014
Syoichiro Yoshimura
KCI Charity Bazaar:
Konko Church of Izuo (KCI) has been holding Charity Bazaar for the past many years in every spring.
Purpose of this charity bazaar is to raise resources in wish to support Asian developing countries, in particularly to uphold the child rights.
This year it was held on the theme for the smiles of Asian children on May 5, 2005, Japan festival day at the KCI campus, so called Senko - En.

Favored with fine weather, this year’s bazaar was resulted in great success. More than 15,400 people came from neighboring town and streets, beside the KCI followers and proceeds of total sales reached 1.7 million yen (approx.US $16,000).

We, AYC youth members, together with KCI boys and girls Scout members extended  full cooperation to lead this event successfully, such as publicity with poster and brochure, arrangement of tents and sales shop and sales assistance. Also we set up athletic game field to please the children. And to be mentioned specially is that we are putting a long line of bulletin board and to which many photos and posters are shown how Asian people are living and how KCI had been supporting these people in the past many years. This display is very much pleased by all the people and they are willing to extend their goodwill hands.

Expo 2005 Aichi Japan Programme:
Taking this Golden opportunity, President Rev. Mitsuo Miyake invited 10 Asian Youth leaders to Japan and hold the AYC 6th EC meeting on May 20 at conference room of KCI and took all the members to Nagoya eastern hill, central Japan on May 22nd to attend special event of ‘AYC Youth public seminar’ which was taken place at 2005 Expo Aichi NGO village pavilion.

We, AYC youth members, particularly KCI students members rendered full service to lead this significant event successfully and also provided a comfortable & a pleasant stay in Japan.

Preparation of display board- AYC each branch activities were shown by photos and brochures
Transportation by Micro bus – Day trip to Nagoya
Support presentation and interpretation at the sessions.
Beside above, KCI organized several Inter- Faith Gathering Programme in this year such as WCRP, IARP and Osaka International Religionist Association events and to all the functions. We, AYC Japan members rendered full voluntary services.

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