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Activities Report 2014
Meeting Held on 26th Sept’2005, Toronto Canada.
The meeting was convened by M.H.Zaman followed by introduction of guests by Ms.Nadia Zaman.  Mr.Zaman has introduced Rev. Miyake and mentioned about the kindness of late Rev. Toshio Miyake who originally felt for the Asian Youth and always wanted a rapid development with youth and poor children living in Asia.  Zaman also stated that from Rev.Mitsuo Miyake took over this noble responsibility from his grand father and actively involved in this NGO activities with a new dimension and leadership.
Welcoming speech was presented by Ms.Humaira Wahid.  Ms.Wahid thanked Rev.Mitsuo Miyake for taking the trouble to come, all the way from Japan.  She said that Rev. Mitsuo’s gracious presence will put lot of impact on the structuring of AYC – Canada.  Rev. Mitsuo has always been so enthusiastic about running an effective youth movement in Asia.  With his dynamic initiative and leadership which has been not only expanded in Asia but in North America also.  It was further added that Rev. Mitsuo always wanted to see the Asian Youth Group to become more productive and active in their deliberations.

Humaira welcomed Ms.Hitomi Kishigami from AYC, Japan.  She said that her visit would definitely inspire all the AYC members in Canada.

She also welcomed all the Canadian participants, youth and other advisory group members for their time to come and join the meeting.  It was said that AYC Canada is very sorry that it could not hold this meeting during weekends.  It is understood that weekdays are very busy with student classes and other occupations.


She warmly welcomed Ms.Ayumi Mito, Japanese – Canadian official interpreter for her kind presence. She said that “we understand that this is a very busy time for any Japanese interpreter for a rush business season.  But despite of your busy schedule you have given us time considering that we are an NGO and working towards the development of youth group in Asia and in North America”.

She thanked the management of Bombay Palace Toronto for providing us with this facility, normally the banquet hall is meant for larger groups.  But considering the youth gathering and specially our Japanese visitors coming to Canada for a great and noble cause, the management was very kind to provide us with this facility, as she said.

Finally she mentioned that, we all are very confident that this meeting will bring out some new dimensions in achieving our targets for what we all are present here.

Zaman gave a briefing about the origin of AYC-Canada, how it has started.  He said that a group of youth people met three times before the last AYC-Chennai meeting and one meeting was held before today, to discuss the preparations of AYC meeting to be held on 26th September 05 in Toronto, Canada with the gracious presence of Rev.Mitsuo Miyake.

Zaman mentioned that there were lots of questions in Chennai meeting about the concept of having AYC branch in Canada for the Asians



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