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Activities Report 2014
Street and Working Children:

As part of our ongoing Project activities on Street and Working children at one of the contact points at Chindathripet, Anna Nagar, Chennai, “PLAY FOR PEACE” game was organized on 09.02.06 for the street children numbering 40.  Mr.Sundar from Sarvadhana, an NGO, organized a one day Training Programme on Child Rights on 22.02.06 in which about 50 children from various contact points took part.

A medical camp was organized for street children at Chindathripet on 28.04.06 where over 100 children from the project area attended the camp.

Enrollment Camp:

Thirty street and drop out children were identified from various contact points of our Project Area in Chennai and an enrollment camp was conducted from 22nd to 31 May-06 at I.C.F Primary school, Villivakkam.

During the above camp children were divided according to age and coaching was

given as per the syllabus specially formulated for such children by the Tamil Nadu State Resource Centre.  All the children were provided with Education aids, food, tea and snacks. The children were given mementos on the last day.  These children would be admitted in the regular schools by the first week of June.06.  After admission these children would be provided with uniforms, notebooks, textbooks, pencils, eraser etc. Their attendance and progress would then be regularly monitored by our street educators.


The Child line team conducted an awareness programme on 02-03-06 among P.C.Os at Padi Junction, Chennai and met P.C.O operators and explained to them the concept behind the Child line.  They requested them not to take money if any one calls 1098 as it is a TOLL free number.  The same was done at Ambattur Industrial Estate Chennai on 02.03.06 and covered the P.C.Os around the estate.


A boy named Delhi Babu aged about 12 years was found loitering at Koyembedu market by one of the volunteers of CHILDLINE and after some initial talk it was found out that the boy ran away from home as he did no want to study. The boy was persuaded and he agreed to return home.  The boy was handed over to their parents at Thindivanam in Villupuram district by one of the volunteers of CHILDLINE on 13.05.06.

Self Help Group:

The women of various Self Help Groups from our project area clebrated World Womens Day on 08.03.06 at Annai Sathya Nagar, Kilpauk, Chennai.  Ms. Saraswathi, Headmistress of I.C.F. Primary school, Villivakkam, and Chennai spoke on the importance of educating the girl child.  This was followed by presentation of cultural programme by students of Social Work Department from Md. Sathak college, Chennai. About 100 women participated in this programme.

Bargur Hills:

World Women’s Day was celebrated on 11.03.06 by the Self Help Group women at Bargur Hills, Erode district, Tamilnadu.

Training Programme:

Two of our street educators attended the two days Training programme on Trauma counseling for Tsunami affected children organized by District Social Welfare Board, Government of Tami Nadu on 15th & 16th  Feb. 2006.

A coordinator and two staff from CHILDLINE  Kanchipuram attended the training programme on EMDR TRAUMATOLOGY,  a workshop on Traumatic Stress disorder, organized by First Hand Foundation, U.S.A from 30the March to 2nd April 2006, at Chennai.

Two Street Educators attended a two day training on AIDS awareness and Child care organized by CHES at Asha Nivas, Chennai on 21st and 22nd April 2006.



Asia today stands at a very defining and crucial moment.  Asia is a very resourceful region.  A region with rich culture, varied traditions, maturity, wide experience and confidence which can lift the veil of poverty from this region.  But only with greater. regional cooperation and integration among the Asian countries can this be achieved.

Asian economies are blossoming to the brim as trade opens within the region and with rest of the world especially after the South Asian Free Trade Agreement.  This landmark agreement will benefit all the economies in south Asia but to achieve this benefit, the Asian community should work together for a healthy financial situation and share responsibility for its abundant natural and human resources with out losing its rich cultural and strong moral values.

Today’s momentum of growth provides the means to extend the advantage of growth to the disadvantaged and the regions development is fundamental to sustain growth and social stability.

In this region of increasing prosperity especially after globalization the present social, economic and political order are exploitative in nature and do not adhere to the principles of equality and justice: one in five people still can not access safe drinking water although getting safe drinking water is the basic right of every citizen Half of the population live without proper sanitation and more than four million children would die every year before reaching their fifth birthday.  The region also face regional conflicts, genocide, illegal and small arms race, frequent natural and man made calamities.

The challenge before the Asian countries is to close the wide gap in income and opportunities and make use of rapid growth to address the above mentioned basic needs of the community.  This rapid economic growth should not be derailed by regional terrorism, threat to the environment, threat to the energy security, food security and security to lives.

In the coming years, Asian countries are bound to increase their profile and relevance to the global economics and there will be an increase in its share of world GDP and trade.  To sustain this all the Asian countries should pool their collective wisdom, expertise and experience through good governance.

In the above context, the role of ASIAN YOUTH CENTRE (AYC) is becoming important and vital in shaping the future of Asia in the right direction with the active participation of the chapters established in most of Asian countries over tow decades of its existence. It should strive hard to strengthen its existing established linkages and partnerships with other NGOs to initiate steps so as to empower women, the under privileged and marginalized communities of this region.


Asian Youth centre as an organization of this region has a very important role to play for this region in the coming years with focus especially on issues such as HIV awareness among youth, child trafficking, child sex abuse as some of the common activities.  These efforts should be a consolidated one, so as to ensure a combined and unified effort.

AYC should continue to provide opportunities and exposure to youth to be aware of social, economic and cultural situations so as to enhance their empowerment.

We, the NGOs youth and even individuals could join hands, to break many barriers in a united effort to achieve our goals and arrest the above issues.




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