The following Members were Present in 12 EC Meeting
Sl. No. Member Designation Chapter
1. Rev. Sensai. Mitsuo Miyake President Japan
2. Mr.M.Sanjeev Kumar

Secretary General

Hyderabad, India
3. Ms.Kaoru Miyake

Communication Officer

4. Mr. Humayun Kabir

EC Member

5. Mr. Hiroyuki Yoshimora

EC Member

6. Ms.Renu Tuladhar

EC Member

7. Ms. Neha Naomi

EC Member

Hyderabad, India
8. Ms. Reha Benerji

EC Member

Kolkata, India
9. Mr. Nalin Tharanga

EC Member

10. Mr. Sukumar David

OB Member

Hyderabad, India
11. Mr. Mohammad


AYC Bangladesh
12. Mr. K.Srisailam


AYC Hyderabad, India
13. Mr. Sudhakar Chary


AYC Hyderabad, India
14. Mr. J.Chandrashaker


AYC Hyderabad, India
15. Mr. K.Ravi Kumar


AYC Hyderabad, India
16. Mr. P.Siddeshwar


AYC Hyderabad, India
The meeting started with the roll call by Secretary General. The above members were present

The session started with an opening prayer by Ms. Renu Tuladhar, AYC Nepal, followed by opening remarks by Rev.Mitsuo Miyake. He started by appreciating AYC Hyderabad Chapter for organizing the 13th AYC EC Meet, in Hyderabad, which has completed 30 years of establishment.

He recollected Late Rev.Toshio Miyake’s Speech, on the founding day at Chennai in 1984. The first AYC meeting took place in Chennai under the leadership of Late Rev. Toshio Miyake focusing on how young people should work together for the betterment of the next generation.

When AYC was founded 30 years ago, Sensei Miyake was the EC Member and was moved by the speech of Rev.Toshio Miyake. We now walk together for the next generation. As members of AYC we should restructure our movement and passionately volunteer to help each other to create a healthy environment for the next generation. Let us think about our future and help ourselves.

President, in his remarks also reminded about opening a facebook page / group for AYC members. The volunteers who came forward to create a group were Rhea Benerji and Neha Naomi. This task has to be completed by the end of Nov’2014.

After the presidential remarks there was a brief introduction by all the EC Members present. They explained about their chapter activities and also the changes in their respective chapter governing board.

General Assembly Srilanka Minutes Confirmation:

Hard copy of the detailed minutes was circulated to all the members and it was read out by the Secretary General, some of the EC members discussed in detail about the Kandy minutes and it was unanimously confirmed by all the members present.

Tea Break:

AYC Chapter Reports Presentation:

The EC members present for the meeting made the chapter wise activities presentation starting with AYC Nepal – Renu Tuladhar, AYC Bangladesh – Humayun Kabir, Neha – AYC Hyderabad, Nalin Tharanga – AYC Srilanka, Rhea Benerji– AYC Kolkata, Hiroyuki Yoshimora – AYC Japan.

All the chapter activities reports, hard copies were circulated to all the members.

Secretary General Report:

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar in his presentation thanked all the chapters for nominating him as the secretary general of AYC under the leadership of Sensei. Mitsuo Miyake, President in AYC 9th General Assembly, Kandy, Sri Lanka during May’2013.

“I take inspiration from President Sensei Mitsuo Miyake, and Sukumar David, Ex Secretary General. Under their guidance, I will put my best efforts to further take forward the AYC Activities.” He said

He visited Thailand and had an opportunity to have a close understanding about the AYC Thailand chapter activities and their efforts towards development.

Mr Sanjeev Kumar is associated with AYC since 1998 as an AYC member and he became an EC Member 15years ago and thanked one and all for giving him an opportunity to serve AYC as a secretary general, and expressed privileged to be part of AYC.

He further suggested to plan for an exchange program amongst the neighboring AYC chapters for further strengthening the activities.

Any Other Matter:

There was a detailed discussion on the branding, the AYC Logo and Title Colour, after a detailed discussion it has been finalised to maintain the brand colour in all the chapters, as Royal Blue with White Background and AYC title to be in Red in colour.

Further suggestion was that the website has to be updated with the change of EC members names and email id’s.

Other Discussions:

Ms Kaoru Miyake expressed that she would like to visit all the chapters in coming 2 years, with prior intimation (3 months) by the respective chapters if there is any programme being organised.

Further suggestion from President Sensei Mitsuo Miyake, to bring out a 2 page newsletter annually with all the chapter activities consolidated.

All the above suggestions were taken up and all the chapter members agreed to cooperate in this matter.

Closing Remarks:

In the closing remarks, the AYC president Sensei Rev. Mitsuo Miyake, firstly thanked all the members present for making it convenient to participate in the Hyderabad EC Meeting.

With AYC completing 30 years of establishment, The President, Sensei Mitsuo Miyake proposed to celebrate the 30th AYC Anniversary in June’2015 at Osaka, the tentative dates for AYC 30th Anniversary celebration are

20 & 21st June 2015, these dates will be finalized and intimated to all the members by the end of Nov’2014 and will be communicated officially.

President has invited minimum of 2 members from each chapter with 50% travel cost reimbursed (Maximum 500 US $) for each member and also invitation to the OB members was extended, apart from this Local boarding and accommodation will be taken care by AYC.

After the closing remarks, mementos were exchanged with group photographs, followed by fellowship lunch.


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