The following Members were Present in 12 EC Meeting
  Sl. No.   Name   Designation
1. Reve Mitsuo Miyake, President
2. Mr.Sukumar David Secretary General
3. Mr.Yoshimora EC Member Japan
4. Mr.Sanjeev Kumar EC Member Hyderabad
5. Ms.Renu Tuladhar EC Member Nepal
6. Mr.Humayun Kabir EC Member Bangladesh
7. Mr.Mana Koslo Kotikiwang EC Member Thailand
8. Mr.Kamal Perera EC Member Srilanka
Other Participants

Ms. Miyake

Daughter of Miyake









Observer from Osaka Japan


Mr.Michito Miyake



Renu’s Aunty

Observer from Nepal

Members Absent
1. Ms.Rajyalaxmi EC Member Mumbai
2. Ms.Rahea Benerjee Kolkata
3. Mrs.Merlin EC Member Chennai
4. Ms.Yuli Molyghanta EC Member Indonesia
5. Mr.Nadeem EC Member Pakistan
6. Ms. Faria Zaman EC Member Canada

The meeting started at 9.15 A.M in a meeting hall in Konko Church with an Open Prayer by Mrs.Renu Tuladhar – EC Member from Nepal.


Mr.Sukumar David – Secretary General have taken the roll call by calling all the present EC members in the meeting and also explained the reasons for some of the EC Members for Not attending the meeting – As the reasons submitted by the members.


eImmediate after the opening prayer Rev. Mitsuo Miyake, President AYC welcomed One and all and thanked everybody for making it convenient and taken out their valuable time for visit to Osaka, to participate in 85th Anniversary of Konko Church and extended his sincere thanks for all the members for the participation in the programme by all the members who have come from various parts of the Asian Countries.

In his continuation speech he has expressed that the Asian Youth Centre (AYC) has established 30 years ago–and progressing well now we have plans to scale up new chapters in ASEAN countries.

General Secretary Report - Sukumar David

12th AYC EC meeting in Osaka is going to be very significant since we are privileged to be part of 85th Anniversary of Konko Church, and enjoying the historical move of Konko Church, he expressed that this is the first time in the EC Meeting so many members were abscent by AYC EC members in the meeting but expressed that we will progress for the better and full strength in the future.

It is very important 12th AYC EC meeting we are in transition phase and creating more opportunity to youth and youngsters in sharing the responsibilities.

Also have some new agenda

» 9th AYC general assembly in Colombo 2013

» Scaling up new chapters in ASEAN countries to identify

It is more of understanding and make way forward by AYC to further how progress in coming years. In Mumbai we have planned AYC annual day, to stream and bring inline with all chapters.

With this few words he has concluded and expect more from the members present here, it is a great privileged for this Gathering.

Rev Sensai Mitsuo Miyake – Has welcomed One More observer from Japan. Mr.Dagao, to Particpate in the AYC 12th EC Meeting at Konko Church.

Chapter Wise Report Presentations:

Immediate after the Secretary General Reports presentation the chapter wise reports have been presented by Renu Tuladhar – Nepal,

Nepal Chapter Report

» Youth Policing

» Health Related Service

» Education

Focusing on the health camp, dentist and free distribution of Medicines in Rural Schools. Leo Club of Katmandu helped them for the programme. Water purifying material with the help of shramik vidayalaya, By making children activities in shivapuri dhara conducted two programme creating awareness and making involved with a theme, political situtiational transition theme, conducted ART and Drawaing Competition.

National level workshop: Role of youth in several systems of departments. Youth are confused with system of transition. Attended Diversity Day to express that they have liberty to follow their culture.

Hoping in future to extend the consideration by AYC Japan and heart felt thanks to Sen Sai Rev.Mitsuo Miyake.

Bangladesh – Humayin Kabir.
Extending welcome Mitsuo Miyake, Sukumar, Kozai and other friends, Happy to present this activities report. - To follow the report read.
Organised Youth Competitions and distributed prizes among the winters.
Organized a Cartoon Show – Under privelaged community.
Health awarenss and soaps distribution.
Extended thanks for opportunity.

Srilanka presentation – Kamal Perera

AYC International day and tree plannting session on the annual day of AYC, in next district of Colombo.
Children and youth to involve actively expecting to get fruits in future. And made responsibility as a child.
AYC core activity helping the needy. Building a house for their living.
Increase the members in Candy area, Attended by male and female students.
Intermediate health education camp. (Integrated Cultures and religions)
3 day programme to live in the same place and understand their culture and exchange the views.

Thailand – Mana

Welcome to all the members, and thanks for the opportunity, we have 3 new projects this year, Liberty for the community, liberty for child, donation book form day, extended thanks for the opportunity.

200 AYC members to joined for 2 nights, have to initiate leadership.

Kozai – Canada Report Due to her marriage proposal she could not attend the meeting
Member of Canada 17mbmers as of Dec’2012, 3 ayc members 3 months each and blood donationa day in coordination with
Canadian Cancer Society:
Painting Exihibition.
Branton – Ontario.
Annual Picnic

Sanjeev: Mumbai Chapter, Chennai Chapter, Kolkata Chapter and Pakistan Chapter along with Hyderabad Chapter presented the reports.

Mumbai Sanjeev:
Yoshimora: printed booklets and distbributed and made efforts to raise funds for Tsunami effected communities.

Tohoku Area affected with tsunami – destroyed all the mode of tranport Mr.Yoshimora and team went to the place to extended relief services,

We are exploring more for the service which can be extended in the tsunami effected region.

New person: Tsunami heated area extended services with the help of AYC and thankful for Rev.Mitsuo Miyake, for extending the support for the cause.

Main supporters, local staff, and dedicate services due to this the programme and key persons for success, with the help of above we could succesded the programme successfully.

Sukumar David expressed that Japan have recovered very fast from the natural disaster, due to high patriotism, if the same happened elsewhere in the world it will easily take 10 to 15 years to recover and japan is a model country to learn from by the other countries.

Ms.Yuli, from Jakartha, student studying in Jakartha, only two years old of chapters, some communication gaps trying to coming out.

Next Agenda

Application received from Bhutan, basing on the website information they approached AYC president for getting the membership and they have submitted they have submitted all their activities and works with the youth, they have recreation facilities, shelters and organized sports and games amongst the youth.

Application is now in front of 12th AYC meeting, whether to take up in 12th AYC, Mr.Tashi Nanguy, he came to know about the google website, and proposed to join with AYC, he is 27 years old and being a sports man, and due to his kidney problem.

Mr. Kamal Perera – Srilanka –
Has proposed for new Chapter to be opened in Bhutan – He expressed that he has some contacts in Bhutan.

Tentatively all the members present agreed for opening Bhutan AYC new chapter Depending on the response president and secretary general will be decided on the expansion. Whether to include Bhutan Chapter are not


WERP Youth Group doing in USA

» Working for (WCERP) has expressed that many members are coming forward to involved themselves in AYC and to participate in the meeting, the group is not much proactive then the expected.
» He expressed that to extend the training to the members of EC in improving the leadership skills
» Support to encourage youth to activate in respective groups in their respective regions.
» Local activity will be good for EC or General Assembly to participate.
» WCERP has different background representing under one tree.
» China and Korea is also important for expansion – Suggestion.


Kamal Perera: 9th AYC General Assembly has been proposed to be in Srilanka.
Interms of Season: Feb to April 1st Week seems to be good for consideration proposed by Kamal to President Mitsuo Miyake,

Venue proposed : (1) Colombo (2) Candy (3) Tinkomalai,
Colombo to Candy which is 3 Hours Drive by Road
Colombo to Trinkomali – 6 Hours Drive by Road

Proposed Themes:
1. Duty of Youth to help Distressed Children
2. Complete Child Hood Through Education

After series of Dicsusscussion by all the members come with proposal of themes.

(Nurturing Quality Children’s Education by AYC)
(Role of Youth in Childrens Quality Education by AYC)
General Assembly to be for 2 Days programme.

Dr.Aryaratna – Sarvodaya will be invited
James Christy – For Key Note Address
Special Invitee President of Srilanka

It should be a remarkable event in Srilanka

» A Document on the theme of education on child by all the chapters in coming five years
» Field visit to local activities 25 members from 25 district of Srilanka as a volunteer will be involved in the programme.
» Press Conference in and outside of Colombo
» The accommodation facility to be booked in advance.

Mitsuo Miyake:

Proposed dates for General Assembly in Colombo 2013
First Option : July / August (Full Moon Day) fully crowded and roads will be closed.
Second Option: 6th & 7th July’2013
Third Option: 25th & 26th May
With this Rev Mitsuo Miyake requested to Kamal Perera to workout the Projected Budget for upcoming General Assembly and EC Meeting in Srilanka.

Mr.Kamal Perera has promised to work out the rough budget and submit as early as possible.
Sukumar & Sanjeev will visit Colombo to finalise the venue & the programme schedule
The meeting concluded by Secretary General and extended thanks for all the members for participating in the EC Meeting and session ended with exchange of mementos presented by the members and with group photo session.


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