The Opening Prayer
The meeting was called to order at 2 p.m.(IST) after registration of all EC members and observers. The EC member of AYC Mumbai, Rajlakshmi R. welcomed Rev. Mitsuo Miyake and all other EC members in that meeting. The opening prayer was lead by Rajyalakshmi & members of AYC Mumbai.

Roll Call of EC AYC Members
Secretary General of AYC Sukumar David conducted the Roll Call. Three AYC-EC members were absent. (1) AYC Pakistan Mr. Nadeem (2) AYC Chennai Ms. Merlyn (3) AYC Hyderabad Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, rest all EC members were present.

Welcome & Opening Address by President AYC
Rev Mitsuo Miyake extended a warm welcome to all the members present and appreciated all their best efforts and progress made by all the AYC chapters. Wanted to hear from all the respective chapters their specific progress made, and their future plans and focus.

Secretary General Sukumar David gave a brief report on the 25th year celebration of AYC at Kathmandu in 2009.Appreciated the progress made by all the chapters, however he stressed on the presentation of activities of each chapter more professionally so that everybody will be aware about the progress of each chapter. He also told about the updated website of AYC. Then he proposed for replacing of new Secretary General as he served as the same for last four years and he suggested giving responsibilities to some youngsters.
AYC Chapter Progress Presentations
1. AYCIndonesia
In the AYC Chapter progress presentation Ms. Yuli Rustinawati of AYC Indonesia first presented her report. She told that her chapter did not do much projects because most of the members were busy with their studies. She also told that they were busy in strategy planning, networking and staff development. Among others she highlighted the vocational training programme for youth especially for those who are dropping out from the school and from poor families. The beneficiaries of that project were people in the age group of 15-30 years of middle and lower class and all gender.

2.AYC Nepal
Then Mrs. Renu Tuladhar of AYC Nepal presented the progress report of her chapter. She gave a brief report of 25th year celebration of AYC at Kathmandu on 3rd & 4th October, 2009 with some photographs. Then she gave reports about their projects like Distribution of educational materials, Workshop on Role of youth in peace building, Women’s skill development programme, Celebration of International Women’s Day and others. She also highlighted a seminar on “Say no to School Bullying” where AYC Nepal actively participated and went to different schools.

3.AYC Srilanka
On behalf of AYC Srilanka Mr. Kamal Suneth Perera presented their report of activities on Dengue Eradication programme, New Year sports and Annual General Meeting. He explained with action photographs displayed on the thermacool.

Mr. Humayun Kabir of AYC Bangladesh focused on their emphasis on youth. He highlighted their activities like Health awareness, scholarship programme among others.

5.AYC Japan
In the progress of AYC Japan Mr. S. Yoshimura gave brief reports on 30th Charity Bazaar where lots of people came and enjoyed. A silver medalist of Olympics Games in Gymnastics was also present in that occasion. He also gave report on a project with Japan Rescue Dog Association. He also gave report on a project on Global Warming where 100 primary and middle school children took part in a candle light programme He also gave a detail report on “ Buy One Present One” programme from Candy Project.

6.AYC Thailand
Mr. Mana Kosolkitiwong of AYC Thailand gave the chapter progress report on Religious Camp for members, The Green World Project, Donation of computer at a primary school and others.

7.AYC Kolkata
In his report Mr. Krishnendu Nandy of AYC Kolkata highlighted their projects like Support Education, Sinking of tube well, Rural Sports, and Garments Distribution for the poor and others.

8.AYC Mumbai
Ms. Rajlakshmi .R of AYC Mumbai gave a brief report of their activities like Tree Plantation, Control Arms Programme, Ganesh Utsav and Celebration of International Day of Non-violence and peace Meet in Mumbai.

9.AYC Hyderabad
On behalf of AYC Hyderabad Mr. Sukumar David presented the progress report. Among other projects he highlighted a Survey on High Risk Group Population (HRGS) which was conducted in 100 villages. He mentioned that with AYC support initiated the research project and based on the findings the UNICEF has come forwarded to support project in Medak district to work with rural population on prevention of HIV/AIDS.

Open Discussion
In the open Discussion session President Rev. Mitsuo Miyake proposed to open a new chapter at New Delhi, as it is Capital City and a huge country.

AYC Chapter wise Future Plans
All the chapters announced their future plans as follows-
AYC Hyderabad Give the basic needs to the children of HIV effected parents.
AYC Nepal Education for all.
AYC Bangladesh Distribution of education materials ,Leader training programme for peace  building.
AYC Srilanka Ready to do any projects what community needs.
AYC Mumbai Awareness projects on AYC.
AYC Kolkata Maintaining all running projects, Health & hygiene, Eye check up camp.
AYC Thailand Food and shelter for needy people.
AYC Japan Proposed for a common programme for all chapters.
AYC Indonesia To register AYC in Indonesia.
Presidential Concluding Remarks
In his concluding remarks President Rev. Mitsuo Miyake told that he had a different idea when AYC was formed, but now this movement became stronger beyond his expectation. He also advised that we should focus on a single area by all chapters together and by next General Assembly we should finalize one common idea. He also said that all activities of all chapters were very good. He made a point that Social Service was a wonderful activity which helps us to make a great future for us.

President Rev. Mitsuo Miyake announced that next General Assembly will be held at Srilanka in 2013. He also announced that the 12th E C Meeting will be held at Osaka, Japan in January,2012. Rev. Miyake announced that 22nd January, 2012 will be the 150th anniversary of Konko Church .He invited all to Osaka on that occasion. It was decided each E C member will get one way Airfare to Osaka for the next E C Meeting. All the members present agreed for the proposal

Ms. Renu Tuladhar proposed that why not we celebrate 7th January every year as AYC Day. All the members present agreed for the proposal and decided to have an activity on 7th January every year as Asia AYC Day.

Any Other Related
EC member of AYC Kolkata, Krishnendu Nandy proposed the name of Ms. Riya Banerjee as the next EC Member as it was decided in the meeting of AYC Kolkata. As the members of EC passed that proposal so, Ms. Riya Banerjee was installed as EC member in place of Mr. Krishnendu Nandy with immediate effect. All the members present agreed for the AYC Kolkata Resolution & Secretary General Mr. Sukumar David asked Krishnendu to send Bio-data of Ms. Riya Banerjee and copy of resolution of Kolkata’s meeting to him as early possible.

The Most Rev. Mitsuo Miyake assumed the President of IARF Shared during the AYC EC Meeting and showed Pictures taken with HH Dalai Lama

AYC President, the Most Rev. Mitsuo Miyake assumed the position of the President at the 33rd World Congress of IARF that had been held in Kochi, India in early September.  More than 600 people attended the congress from all over the world.

The International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF) was established in 1900 in Boston.  This organization has aimed to protect religious minority's "Toleration", and to protect the human rights of ethnic minorities around the world.  This organization keeps general consultative status in the United Nations Council of Economy and Society as well as WFM.

H.H. the Dalai Lama 14th gave a keynote speech at the occasion of the Inaugural Ceremony of the 33rd World Congress of IARF on Sep. 4 2010 and the Rev. Miyake exchanged the words with His Holiness.  The Dalai Lama spin the string by Charka that Mahatma Gandhi sent to Japan with the Rev. Miyake, and prayed to achieve a world peace and religious freedom.
Please find further information at the IARF web site:  http://www.iarf.net/

Vote of thanks was given by Ms. Rajlakshmi R. on behalf of AYC Mumbai.

After the meet group Picture was taken by all the members and exchanged mementos

Evening supper was arranged for all EC members, observers and AYC Mumbai members, it was a great evening, with variety of Indian menu enjoyed and all the members spoke for a minute about their plans for AYC and their personal career.

The Following day on 21st October 2009 all AYC – EC members visited Mani Bhavan (Gandhi Museum) and visit to slum Project & went around the Mumbai Busy streets and had fellow ship lunch. All expressed their worthy visit to Mumbai and good learning and sharing.

All the AYC chapters’ detailed reports will be posted on to AYC Web site

Lots of photographs were taken and let us all share the photographs with unforgettable memories of Mumbai.

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